World Heavy Oil Awards

2016 Award Winners


When it comes to the business of energy, technology plays a fundamental role. The World Heavy Oil Awards serve to reflect and celebrate the ever-changing technologies in the oil and gas industry. Different companies and countries from around the world will have the opportunity to showcase their achievements in technological innovations and advancements through the Awards. [email protected].

How to Submit


Pick a Category

  • Community Engagement
  • New Technologies in Heavy Oil
  • Drilling Excellence
  • Young Professional
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Service Company of The Year
  • E&P Company of The Year
  • Community Engagement


Develop Responses

  • Review the judging criteria for the category you are submitting for
  • Develop responses to each criteria point
  • Ensure each response is within 500 words per criteria point


Prepare company files

  • Include a 100 word summary of your submission (to be used if you win the award)
  • Have your company boilerplate ready for submission
  • Ensure to have a .jpeg and .eps version of your logo ready for submission
  • All uploaded files must have your company name in the file name


Prepare supporting documents

  • Ensure to have relevant project photos, third party references, or case studies (under two pages in length) ready for submission
  • If you chose to upload more than one file in this area, please used a zipped file
  • All uploaded files mist have your company name in the file name


Award Categories

In conjunction with the World Heavy Oil Congress Technical Committee, Best Paper will be awarded to a technical speaker who excels among their peers and presents the highest scored full paper at the Congress. Nominations are not required for this category.

The community engagement category recognizes an industry organization’s efforts in continuing to the betterment of the wide community in which it operates.Applicants will need to demonstrate the value their project has added to the community and show exceptional corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies. Projects must have been completed or put in place prior to December 15, 2016.

  1. Summary of project, identifying main objectives
  2. Identification of the need and value of the project to the community
  3. Describe specific, measurable targets and progress
  4. Showcase of community’s long-term betterment and noticeable improvement due to the initiative
  5. Integration of the initiative into a community, measuring its positive business impact, contribution and strategic link to company’s core business
  6. Creativity and originality involved in CSR objectives


The new technologies category recognizes a major advancement, rather than incremental iterations of current technologies, and is conscious of technologies aimed to reduce costs (capital and/or operational), streamline operations, reduce environmental impact and improve health & safety standards.

  1. Summary of project, identifying main objectives
  2. Identification of a major technological advance and what challenges were overcome to achieve this
  3. Original concept and application of the initiative
  4. Innovation benefits for society and the heavy oil industry in case study format
  5. Identify achieved impact, including the environmental contribution of the project
  6. Future plans for research, development, and commercial potential of the initiative


This category recognizes organizations providing drilling solutions to the heavy oil industry. Contractors, service providers and operators involved in the drilling process are eligible to submit. Organizations will be judged on the strength of their performance where safety, environmental commitment, and commercial goals are achieved.

  1. Summary of project, identifying main objectives
  2. Identification of innovative turnkey drilling solutions, drilling rigs or services
  3. Demonstration of environmental impact mitigation strategies
  4. Completion campaigns demonstrating the effective use of the technology
  5. Outline HSE performance record


The upcoming youth category recognizes a young professional under the age of 35 that has already shown an aspiring contribution to the industry and makes a valuable contribution to the company(s) they work with.

  1. Describe individual’s demonstration of strong leadership skills
  2. Identify the individual’s technical contribution within their field of work
  3. Rate individual’s ability to motivate peers and enable projects which advance the expansion of heavy oil industry
  4. Describe the individual’s contribution to the industry outside of their work


This category will recognize an individual who has made a major impact to the global heavy oil industry through efficiencies, promoted expansion, and technological advances.

  1. Describe individual’s scope of work and area he/she are involved with and years of experience
  2. Describe individual’s ability to motivate peers and enable projects that led to expansion, technological advances or efficiencies
  3. Describe candidate’s major contribution to the industry outside of their work


The service company of the year category recognizes the organizations providing multiple heavy oil services to operators. Successful oilfield service companies will be able to demonstrate that timeliness, cost control and overall value for money have been delivered by a single company for its clients across a range of disciplines.

  1. Identification of organizations multidisciplinary services
  2. Provide list of top clients in the last 12 months
  3. Demonstration of environmental impact mitigation strategies
  4. Outline completed campaigns that have demonstrated game-changing benefits to clients
  5. Describe organizations ability to create improvements in productivity
  6. Outline HSE performance record


This category recognizes an outstanding operator in the heavy oil industry that has demonstrated impressive performance in operational excellence.

  1. Summarize companies core business projects
  2. Describe the professional development strategies available for employees
  3. Demonstration of environmental impact mitigation strategies
  4. Outline commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies


Awards Procedure

Coherent awards procedure contains three transparent stages of all entries’ evaluation and is led by the Judging Panel.


Nomination forms are open for entry. The deadline to submit is December 15, 2016.


Preliminary stage of the evaluation process, in which the Judging Panel produce a short list of 3 nominees for each award. Each member of the Judging Panel will independently assess the entries.


Each member of the Judging Panel will be invited to discuss the shortlist of nominees at the official winners meeting in Calgary, AB. The Judges will meet to choose a winner in each category, which will later be announced at the World Heavy Oil Awards Gala.

Official Independent Advisor

The Official Independent Advisor will provide an impartial third party tally of the Judging Panel’s scores. In the Preliminary Review Stage the Advisor will take the scores (on a scale of 1 – 5, 1 being excellent, 5 being poor) from each Judge and tally a final score for each submission. The final scores will then be used to determine the short list of five final nominees.