Poster Session

The Poster Session complements the technical program by providing delegates and presenters a chance to further discuss technical content in more depth. Posters are categorized into five different categories:

  • Geosciences
  • R&D and New Technologies
  • Surface Facilities
  • Thermal and Non-Thermal Recovery
  • Upgrading & Refining

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2016 Poster Session

Art SiewertHi Fi Seismic Consulting Ltd.In-Situ Recovery & DevelopmentDuplex Wave Migration adds new dimension to 4D Monitoring for SAGD – Athabasca,  AlbertaWHOC16-125
Yiguang WeiChina University of PetroleumIn-Situ Recovery & DevelopmentStudy on the characteristics of temperature field and the effect factors of fire flooding in large scale THAI processWHOC16-108
Roland De BruynTransworld Technologies Inc.In-Situ Recovery & DevelopmentImproving the Performance of Mature CHOPS WaterfloodsWHOC16-160
Ed VeithFractal Systems USA, Inc.R&D and New TechnologiesField Demonstration Results of a Novel Cavitation Technology that Dramatically Reduces Diluent Required for Transportation and Improves Heavy Oil and Bitumen PropertiesWHOC16-232
Edurne ErkiziaTecnalia Research & InnovationR&D and New TechnologiesDevelopment of a self-healing system for long-term well integrityWHOC16-801
Kirill KovalenkoFlexSteel Pipeline Technologies Ltd.R&D and New TechnologiesFlexible pipeline helps save millions of dollars in major Heavy Oil projects in Lloydminster areaWHOC16-806
Koleya KarringtenAbsolute Combustion International Inc.R&D and New TechnologiesImprovements in High Heat Transfer Combustion TechnologyWHOC16-200
Patrick ReillyVista ProjectsR&D and New TechnologiesCost Reduction through Integrated Engineering in a Digital EnvironmentWHOC16-270
Ravil IbatullinTAL Oil Ltd.R&D and New TechnologiesThe Downhole Catalytic Light Hydrocarbons Oxidation Technic for an Acidizing Agent ProductionWHOC16-804
Xinwei WangChina University of PetroleumR&D and New TechnologiesThe effect of biosurfactant on super heavy oil degradationWHOC16-213
Ivan MadarRoil Trade S.R.O.Upgrading & RefiningBLOWDEC – Revolutionary technology for direct Heavy Oil Upgrading on Oil FieldWHOC16-248
Khalid AhmedKuwait Oil CompanyGeosciencesOpenhole Mini-Frac Stress Tests in Unconsolidated Shallow FormationsWHOC16-407
Michael HenschelMDAGeosciencesFast Surface Movement Monitoring for Cyclic Steam Stimulation with Satellite RadarWHOC16-409
Deisy CorreaPDVSAGeosciencesAbsolute Permeability Model for Morichal Member, Oficina Formation of the Cerro Negro Field, Orinoco Extra Heavy Oil Belt.WHOC16-800
Luiraima Salazar-LangerPDVSAGeosciencesStructural Analysis of the Petromonagas Field (former Cerro Negro) and its implications for the development of reservoir of extra-heavy crude in the Orinoco Oil Belt.WHOC16-810
Michael LombardOil Tech ServicesProduction & Operation OptimizationTemperature Effects on Casing and Tubulars in Steam Injection WellsWHOC16-607
Michael DejakEco-Tec Inc.Surface FacilitiesAdapting California Heavy Oil Experience for a New SAGD  Water Treatment Process  in the Canadian Oil SandsWHOC16-504